Common Questions

How are fares calculated?
What are the payment options?
What if I want to pay in cash, but the pilot does not have change?
My fare does not reflect the upfront price I was shown.
How do I get a copy of the receipt?
Can I cancel my order?
Am I charged for cancelling?
Do your pilots handle ‘Payment on Delivery’?
How do I calculate my fare when I take an offline trip?
Can I collate the fares of all the trips and pay after all the deliveries are made?
Is there a minimum delivery charge?
Why does the app ask for an update?

How to Use Gokada

How to request a delivery?
How do I create a Gokada account?
How can I get a price estimate for my delivery?
When and where is Gokada available in Lagos?
Can I request more than one driver?
Can I schedule an order in advance?
Can I request an order for a friend?
Can I change my pickup location/dropoff location?
Can I contact my assigned pilot?
I requested an order, it says ‘unassigned’, what does that mean?
I keep trying to register with my phone number but no success. What do I do?

Gokada Business

What is Gokada Business?


What is Gshop?

Common Issues

My pickup or drop off location was wrong
How do I prepare my package for pickup?
Can my pilot ask for a tip?
My pilot made away with my package
Return Policy
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