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How are fares calculated?


Fares are calculated per distance and per time by the app. With the base fare of 100 naira, fare estimate is calculated thus: 100 naira base fare + 40 naira per kilometer + 15 naira per minute. We charge 500 naira as the minimum fare.

Can I track my order?


Yes, once you place a order, it can be track on the "Deliveries" page. If you entered the correct phone number of the recipient during the ordering process, they will also receive a tracking link.

When and where is Gokada available in Lagos?


We deliver everywhere within Lagos 8AM - 7PM.

What are the payment options?


The available payment option is cash. We are working on an in-app digital payment system.

What if the pilot does not have change?


We always advise our pilots to carry change. If the pilot does not have change, we encourage you to transfer the amount to the pilot. In case it is not possible, please contact our support team.

My fare does not reflect the upfront price I was shown.


Report such cases to support on the app with a screenshot of the affected order.

How do I get a copy of the receipt?


Go to “Deliveries” on the app, select the order you need receipt for, then select “Export Deliveries”

Am I charged for cancelling?


Currently we do not charge a cancellation fee. However, we encourage cancellation only when there is a valid reason. Excessive cancellations might lead to blocking of the user.

Do your pilots handle ‘Payment on Delivery’?


Payments are to be made at the point of pick up. We do not advise drivers to indulge in this.

How do I calculate my fare when I take an offline trip?


We do not encourage offline trips. If the trip is a flagdown, ensure that the pilot fills in the pickup and dropoff locations. This way, you will be able to see the estimated price on the pilot's app.

Can I collate the fares of all the trips and pay after all the deliveries are made?


No. If your delivery involves multi stops, the estimate comes up after filling in all the details needed. The payment must be made at the pick-up point.

Is there a minimum delivery charge?


Yes. Our minimum delivery charge is 500 naira. Any amount below that will automatically be set to 500 naira. We believe this is a fair amount, it allows us to guarantee quality services and also ensure our pilots are fairly compensated.

How to Use Gokada

How to request a delivery?


First, download the Gokada app here:, sign up as a new user and get verified. When you’re fully onboarded on the app, fill in your pickup and dropoff locations, the estimate for the trip will show up. Then you can confirm your order. You’ll get email prompts letting you know every phase of the order such as when you’re assigned a pilot and when he’s arrived at your location. 

Click here to watch our tutorial.

Please note that the platform tries to assign the nearest pilot 20-25 minutes before time for pickup. In case the platform is unable to assign automatically, Gokada Support team tries to manually assign the nearby pilots.

How can I get a price estimate for my delivery?


You will get the estimated price for your order when you fill in your pickup and dropoff locations in the app.

Can I request more than one driver?


If it is a case of multi point deliveries, a pilot can handle multipoint deliveries as long as it can fit in his bag/carrier and it doesn’t exceed the weight limit (Weight limit for a Gokada bag is 25kgs while weight limit for a gokada carrier is 35kgs). You can as well request multiple pilots at the same time to handle all your multiple point deliveries. We advise you to get in touch with the support team if you get stuck at any point.

Can I schedule an order in advance?


Yes. From the homepage of the app, fill in the details of the ride, the date and time of the day you intend for the trip to happen. After these, the app will ask if you’re willing to book, please confirm.

Please note that when scheduling your delivery, your order will get assigned to the pilot only between 20 to 25 minutes before the scheduled time. In case you do not get assigned a pilot, contact our support within the app.

Can I request an order for a friend?


Kindly input the friend’s details in all necessary fields instead of your details

N.B: To request orders for a friend, kindly notify them ahead of time to avoid getting them confused when a pilot calls them for delivery of such orders.

Can I change my pickup location/dropoff location?


At the moment, you are not able to edit delivery orders. In case you want to add any details to your order or change the addresses, we advise you to cancel the entire order and place a new one with the right details.

Can I contact my assigned pilot?


Once you have been assigned a pilot, his contact information shows up on your delivery page. This includes his phone number and name. You can as well send an in-app message to the pilot using the messaging feature right beside the call feature on the pilot’s details.

I requested an order, it says ‘unassigned’, what does that mean?


When your order reads unassigned, this simply means that your order has not been assigned/matched with a pilot yet. When your order is matched, you’ll receive an email prompt and the prompt on the app will change to “assigned”.

In case of delay, please contact Support to manually assign the order.

Why does the app ask me to download an update anytime I try to place an order?


This is because we’ve included new features in the app to aid and ease your experience. Kindly heed and download the updates

Can I cancel my order?


From your delivery page on the app, you can cancel any order. Simply spot the order on the delivery page and choose the cancel option. Ensure you are cancelling both the pick up and drop off tasks.

Common Issues

Can my pilot ask for a tip?


Pilots are not allowed to ask for tips.

My pilot made away with my package


We apologise for this inconvenience. Be assured that our pilots are constantly tracked by Gokada through GPS and special trackers installed on the bike.

Kindly contact the support team with the details of the trip and we’ll take it up from there.

Still have questions? Contact us via our support center or email us at