Gokada is a leading technology startup in Africa's largest economy, Nigeria, and has the potential to become one of the most impactful companies in all of Africa.

What is Gokada?

In the words of our late Founder Fahim Saleh - “Gokada is not Okada”. We are a NIPOST licensed logistics company. Gokada is your one stop solution to get all your logistics needs met.

What do we do?

We make your life easier. Do you need to get an item across Lagos? Just Gokada! Hungry for food? Just Gokada!

The company operates the leading “superapp” on-demand multi-service platform in Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria.

The Growth

Gokada’s services include instant parcel delivery, food delivery, ride-hailing, and more. Currently headquartered in Lagos, Gokada is in the process of expanding to other cities. Similar to how more mature international peers such as Gojek, Grab, and Pathao evolved, Gokada is growing very rapidly and has attracted a strong roster of local and international VC backers.

Our Story


Gokada is the brainchild of our Late Founder, Fahim Saleh. The vision was to help Lagosians move around faster and not worry about getting stuck in traffic.


Gokada initially started with about 8 pilots (we proudly call our riders pilots!) in January 2018 as a bike-hailing company. In January 2020, the Lagos state government banned bikes “Okada” from operating on the major roads and highways in the state.


After the ban, Gokada promptly pivoted into logistics in March 2020, right in time for the pandemic. Since then, Gokada has completed more than a million deliveries in less than a year, with a fleet of over 1200 riders.

Gokada has also branched out to other ventures such as -->

The partnership which helps individuals and logistic companies with bikes to work on the Gokada platform and significantly increase their earnings
The food platform which helps Lagosians to order food from a vast variety of restaurants

We have just gotten started! We keep growing bigger, better and stronger because we know that the future is Green!