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Gokada’s innovative solutions to manage deliveries and delight customers, just a click away.

The Future of Business Deliveries is here!

Gokada's magic bringing the world’s technology and efficiency of logistics to your business! Let’s bridge the delivery gap in Lagos together! Deliver easy and fast!

Easy  Order Management

Create, track, schedule, cancel, pay by wallet, and access orders history easily through our web dashboard.

API Integration

Create and cancel orders, estimate delivery charges, and receive status updates straight from your own platform.

Multi-point deliveries

Create a single order for multiple drop-off locations. If it fits in the box, we go with it.

Multi-User Management

Have multiple users managed under one single account.

Route optimization

Reduce delivery costs by creating the best route to deliver all of your parcels.

Bulk Upload

Upload all of your customers address at once.

1000 Pilots Ready to Deliver

Get access to hundreds of qualified pilots and deliver anywhere in Lagos.

Customer Satisfaction

Leave your customers constantly impressed by fast, efficient and quality deliveries