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Currently Serving Lagos, Nigeria.

Gokada in the press

The best delivery drivers you have ever seen

First, they carried You.
Now, they carry your packages for You.

Quality riders and partners ready to deliver

With Pilots and G-Partners all over Lagos, there will always be one nearby to pick up your parcels and more.

Got a bike?

If you’re a bike owner and are looking to double your earning capacity, we want you on the Gokada Team. Join the G-Partner team to increase your earnings

We Deliver More than Parcels

Running a Business?

Let’s handle your deliveries with GBusiness


We’ve got GPartners to make sure we’ve got more than enough Pilots to help you with your deliveries.

The level of care and customer service our pilots provide is a testament to the filtering, training, and values we've instilled into them from the beginning.

Fahim Saleh
Founder of Gokada

Our App has moved from Great to Super!

We made our app super, so we could serve you better.

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The Gokada Super App makes sure that you can do everything on one platform.

All Deliveries in One App
Downloading multiple apps to get multiple delivery types done is now a thing of the past.
Pilot Tracking
Watch your items go from pick up to delivery in real time! You can also share the tracking link with your customers.
Multi-point Deliveries
Got a lot of items to send out? You can use one pilot to make all your deliveries.

Schedule Pickup
Need to have your item picked up at a specific time? We’ve got that covered.
Resend Orders
Think you’ve made an order before? It wasn’t deja vu - our order resend feature is proof of that. Make it again without having to fill those details right from the start.

Saved Adresses
You can save your addresses for next time, so you won’t have to type it again. Just tap and keep things moving.

What customers are saying

Gokada. Been reliable during this lockdown

the everyday nigerian

Gokada is one product that keeps making my life easier. It simply works. No long story.


Very good and exceptional.. They are fast and really great with their customers. Safety first 😉

Our response to COVID-19
Image of a hand sanitiser
All pilots have been provided hand sanitizer which is refilled daily or as needed.
Image of a contactless delivery
Pilots have been notified to contact the customer to ask for contactless delivery prior to pickup and dropoff.
Image of a washing soap
All delivery bags are cleaned daily to limited cross contamination.
Image of a hand gloves
All parcels are handled with disposable gloves and disposed of after each pickup.
We encourage you to only seek information from trustworthy sources when it comes to COVID-19. A couple of good examples are The World Health Organization or an Interactive Dashboard by Johns Hopkins CSSE.

If It Fits, We’ll Handle It.

We charge by delivery, not by parcel.
‍Got a lot of items to send out? Bring it on, we’ll deliver!

A Gokada delivery box

Fill our 0.5m x 0.5m box with as many items as you want -
bring it on, for the same price.

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